Sexually Incorrect ebook

I created a book cover for the Sexually Incorrect ebook. Right now just check out the web promotional graphic I also created for it. Click here to read about it. I would like to thank Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community for this opportunity.


Edheads Un-Event


Hey keep an eye on a virtual event coming up for the non-profit Edheads on October 2, 2014. Check out all the social media sites to see an array of banners and profile pictures I have created for the event. (There are going to be two rounds of banners!) I also am creating the web invitations for the event and a printable party pack for donors.

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Interactive Infographic

Multimedia Infographic


This is a multimedia, interactive infographic about the history of music devices. There is text, video, graphics, interactivity and images on the infographic. I used Thinglink to help me wire all the graphic images together and also have an array of blogs to read as he text articles.