National Credit Education Month

national credit education month by shannon grenerMarch is National Credit Education Month and Doucet & Associates would like to invite you to read some of our articles on improving your credit, keeping track of your credit report, and your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It is important for you to review your credit report for errors so that…

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Class Action Lawsuit Against Fedloan

class action lawsuit against fedloan by shannon grenerDoucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. just filed a class action lawsuit against Fedloan for refusing to honor grants given to teachers who agree to work in low income-schools after graduating college. Fedloans is now converting TEACH grants into loans and asking teachers to pay back thousands of dollars in loans with accrued interest.

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Female Intellectual Empowerment


Check out this graphic I created to help support Female Intellectual Empowerment through the Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community . The graphic is posted onĀ