Watch Out For Ticket Scams This Summer

watch out for ticket scams by shannon grenerIf you have ever been the victim of a ticket scam online, then you know the disappointment and distress that comes with finding out you bought a fake ticket. In Ohio, there is a wide variety of events, festivals, concerts, and games that take place all year round that require tickets for you to attend. So, when you are purchasing tickets online it is important to make sure you are buying tickets from a credited source and not an unreliable third-party ticket scammer.

Where to buy tickets? A Primary Ticket Market

Primary ticket markets include box offices, venue websites, and credited websites such as TicketMaster and LiveNation. TicketMaster and LiveNation are credited websites because they work directly with venues, musicians, and sport teams.

Buying tickets from a primary ticket market is the best way to avoid buying fake tickets. Sometimes there are extra fees when buying tickets through a primary ticket market, but it is the best way to ensure your ticket is real.

How to avoid a ticket scam from a Secondary Ticket Market?

A secondary ticket market is a distributor that buys tickets from a primary ticket market and then resells the tickets. Many secondary ticket markets are online through free classified ad websites like craigslist. Some ticket scammers will even scam you in person at the event or venue or with a fake website. Here are some tips to help you avoid being the victim of a ticket scam:

  1. Ask to see the tickets and a receipt. Check the tickets for important information such as a row, seat, and general admission or VIP. A ticket scammer may forget to put important information on a fake ticket.


  1. If paying for the ticket online, look for a closed padlock symbol near the url before making a payment. A closed padlock means the site is encrypted to make payments. An encrypted site also protects your personal banking information from being stolen. If you do make a payment online for a fake ticket you may be able to get some of your money back depending on the liability of the debit or credit card you used.


  1. If it has been confirmed that the show is sold out, do not buy tickets from a website claiming to still have tickets. Ticket scammers will make fake websites and try to sell tickets to sold out shows. Sometimes ticket scammers will even try to sell tickets online before real tickets have gone on sale. You can check event and venue websites to learn about when tickets are going on sale. Often times these sites will also inform you if an event is sold out. If you do decide to purchase a ticket from an online secondary ticket market, check the website for an address and phone number and then verify the address. Make sure the address listed is a real place.


  1. On the day of the event if you buy a ticket from a person outside the venue, ask the seller to go with you to check into the event. Do not just hand over cash and head for the entrance once you get the ticket. If the scammer sold you fake tickets, chances are they are not standing outside the venue anymore.



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